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Gemini's relationship with children

Gemini parents understand their children perfectly.... , 2022-07-23

Gemini parents understand their children perfectly, plan joint activities with them and, when they need to educate or clarify something else to their children, they will always discover understandable and essential justifications.


The children may not experience a caress, as the carriers of the wind component employ only the mind in their development and do not link emotions. The parents have not yet said goodbye to their young vision, which is filled with the joy of new discoveries, so they are ready to start each day with a joyful and optimistic attitude. This is analogous to the way happy babies see new bright colours, looking forward to the delight of possessing them.


Gemini parents see their children as their equals, and do not care about their children's age. The Gemini mother is brimming with contradictory notions, as she cannot focus on one subject for too long and come to solid conclusions. She gives this advantage to the child, violating his privacy; the child accepts his mother and adopts her point of view. Gemini serves his child as an example of a pleasant and clear perception of the world, as well as a deliberate search for vital information in the position of the parent. The Gemini father is able to critically evaluate his actions and statements, but overlooks the emotions that should be shown in the child's affection.

He is amazed that their children can regard them with such disrespect and deference, even though they too often transgress by neglecting the younger ones.

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