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9 reasons why Geminis are the most likely serial killers

Twelve of the most prolific serial killers have been Geminis. Find out what it is about Geminis.... , 2023-03-24

Some of the most lethal serial killers in history are known to be Geminis.

 In total, these individuals have been responsible for the deaths of 159 victims, including well-known names such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Kenneth Bianchi, aka "The Hillside Strangler."

 The number of victims exceeds any other serial killer born under any other sign.

But what makes being born under the sign of Gemini seem to be prone to the sociopathy and cruelty characteristic of so many serial killers?

As we will see, Geminis have certain characteristics that make them prone to behaviors of this type.

1. They have a lesser sense of morality...

 Being an air sign, Geminis are not usually down-to-earth individuals.

 They are highly creative and volatile, but are not bound to any particular belief system.

 This can result in a confused morality about what is right or wrong, and at times, a Gemini will do whatever they want, even if the consequences are dire and the result is harmful to others.

2. They are changeable and mercurial by nature.

 The Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, the fastest and closest to the sun.

 This is why Geminis move quickly from one thing to another to avoid boredom.

 One murder would not be enough for a Gemini.

 They would need to commit others in different ways to keep things interesting.

 This lack of routine can also make it difficult to catch a Gemini serial killer, as the need to maintain novelty might take precedence over anything else.

3. They seek attention at all costs

 Geminis constantly seek attention, and if they can't get recognition for doing something good, they may resort to doing something bad.

 For a serial killer, there is a real ego boost in being the one everyone fears and obsesses over.

4. Gemini Superiority Complexes

 It is common for Geminis to have great confidence in their intelligence and consider themselves to be the brightest in any space.

 From this perspective, it is understandable that a Gemini serial killer believes that he will never be caught and punished for his actions.

5. Difficulty establishing deep relationships

 Geminis possess extensive knowledge and relationships, but it is also true that they lack significant depth on most topics and have many superficial relationships.

 As a result, they may have less empathic ability, not only with specific individuals but with all people.

 Ultimately, it is much easier to take a life and commit horrific acts if there is no emotional attachment to human beings in general.

6. Ability to lead a double life

 Because of their rich mind and tendency to think of themselves first, Geminis have an exceptional ability to hide details about their life that other signs do not possess.

 This is not only useful for a serial killer who doesn't want to be discovered, it is essential.

7. Gemini Adaptability

 Despite being changeable, Geminis have the ability to adapt quickly to new and changing situations.

 This is probably why Gemini serial killers can alter their plans on the fly to commit their murders.

 If circumstances change and the plan needs to be adjusted, Geminis can do so without a problem.

8. Geminis and their possible egocentrism

 It is said that astrologers describe Mercury as a sexless planet, and for this reason, they explain why Gemini and Virgo natives tend to have less capacity to feel emotions than those born under other signs.

 This lack of sensitivity and inner empathy can be projected onto others. This, added to Gemini's difficulties in forging deep relationships, can lead to cases of sociopathy.

9. Impulse in Geminis

 It is important to mention that Geminis can act like capricious children when faced with situations that are unfavorable to them.

 If they feel that they are not receiving the recognition they expect or if their life does not have enough meaning, they may take drastic measures to change the situation.

 In the case of some serial killers, such measures have led to an infamous criminal career.

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