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Pisces jealousy: What you should know

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13-09-2021 20:07

  1. The different romances
  2. Make them jealous

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Its element is water and its symbol is two fish. Pisces natives born on the cusp of Aquarius are more approachable and self-sufficient, and Pisces born on the cusp of Aries are more open and energetic.

Pisces react in two ways when they are jealous. They possess a strange duality because they are a mutable sign. Therefore, in one case they become sensitive and start imagining all sorts of things, and in the other they are indulgent and do not take their partner's flirting with another person too seriously.

Normally, a Pisces is quite demanding of their partner. And if the other half cannot deliver, the Pisces will suffer in silence. Not very tolerant, Pisces tends to become overly sentimental if the relationship does not go as well as planned.

They start to become indecisive and no longer think clearly. That said, it should be mentioned that Pisces are rarely short-tempered. It is not in their nature to be jealous.

They prefer to be sad and not angry when jealousy puts them to the test. The strange thing about them is that they are so forgiving and understanding, that they start to blame themselves and not the unfaithful partner.

Pisces think that if they had been perfect, the couple would not have gone with someone else.

They trust their partner so much that they cannot see what sometimes lies behind appearances. People see that Pisces can be trampled on and take advantage of them.

A balanced Pisces would see whose fault it is when a relationship stops working. Because they are so easy with infidelity, Pisces can risk being cheated on multiple times. They are too lost in love to notice or be bothered by it.

Pisces in a relationship are gullible and warm. They will offer all their attention and love without asking too much in return. Not having so much self-confidence, this sign will develop jealous behaviour and will feel hurt when cheated on by their partner.

They are not scene-setters, but they know how to make the other half feel bad with their silence and sadness.

Love should not be a matter of control. A jealous person is also insecure. People who love someone should know that they need independence to be happy.

The different romances

Pisces is a sign that gets along well with all the other signs of the zodiac. But they pair well with Scorpio and Cancer, two other water signs.

They can build a beautiful home with Cancer, as both signs are settled and sensitive. With Scorpio they will feel secure and dominated, which they will like. Capricorns could find love in a Pisces, while Aries are inspiring to them.

With Aquarius, Pisces will have a strong mental connection. Leo and this sign will find each other very attractive, but Leo's demanding side can make Pisces tired.

A relationship between Pisces and Gemini or Libra would be superficial and hectic. No matter which sign you are, one thing is for sure: Pisces can make you feel loved and appreciated.

Jealousy is not a problem of the partner who does not have it. It is a problem of the jealous partner, who can sometimes make ugly scenes by questioning, accusing and even trying to control his or her lover's activity.

Some people are jealous even after they have been presented with clear evidence to discriminate against a partner. The first step in overcoming jealousy is for the sufferer to admit that he or she has a problem.

This way, they will not reach a point where they start acting abusive and controlling. Sometimes mild jealousy is healthy, as it shows that the partner is interested and involved.

Pisces is one of the dreamy signs of the zodiac. It is normal for a Pisces to be quiet. Don't be scared if you are close to one and they don't talk too much. When they are like this, they tend to daydream.

Pisces are people who would never hurt a fly, even if it has been done to them. Their imagination knows no bounds and they are good artists, mystics and psychologists.

They like to retreat into a dream world if things in real life are not going so well. This does not mean that they are not serious and capable of achieving things, because they are.

Make them jealous

If you want to make a Pisces jealous, make sure you talk about someone else all the time. They will worry that you are no longer paying attention to them, and they will do anything to repair the situation.

If you want to date a Pisces, it wouldn't hurt to flirt with someone else to see how your beloved Fish feels. They are possessive and will react if they really like you.

It is risky to try to "cure" someone of jealousy. You can jeopardise the whole relationship. However, one thing is clear.

Jealous people can suffer from a lack of self-esteem and confidence. It is the duty of the partner to make the jealous person aware of the problem.

Sitting in silence and suffering helps no one. If you need to set the record straight with your possessive partner, don't hesitate to provide some evidence to support your arguments.

Some people are not convinced by just a chat, and the more you do to make him see that you are loyal, the more he will realise that he has a problem.

Calmly explain why you cannot tolerate behaviour that keeps you nervous and worried all the time. Most importantly, don't get angry when you discuss all these things. How you communicate with each other is key to how a relationship works.

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