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Are Gemini men jealous or possessive?

Gemini men are the most charismatic of the zodiac, so is it possible for them to be affected by such petty emotions as jealousy?... , 2020-07-26


Many reasons to love Gemini men

Gemini; a name that begins with the word gem; and indeed they are. Male or female, the Gemini zodiac sign really shines within the zodiac constellation.

They are vibrant, energetic people who light up a room when they walk in. And that is what draws people to most Gemini men: their vivacious nature; the lively and utterly charismatic energy that reverberates through their environment.

It may seem like an exaggeration to use this word, but for some evolved Gemini men, they have an aura about them.

Think of all the Gemini celebrities you can: Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Tupac? all these Gemini men are very confident men who live life with a certain style. Those are the most captivating qualities that Gemini have, which attract many women.

Gemini men have many other qualities that make them irresistible; their eagerness to constantly learn and grow, for example.

Gemini men are literally the opposite of static. They are dynamic individuals who constantly reinvent themselves. They are true believers in the phrase, "never say never" and continually surprise themselves and others with the new horizons they reach in terms of knowledge, action and experience.

This central quality of inquisitiveness leads to other attributes that make them attractive. In their quest for knowledge and new experiences, Gemini men are often creative individuals who love to make a difference in their environment. They make sure they add value to whomever they are connected to and their attitude is contagious.

Many times, having a Gemini partner means that you finally learn to be much more spontaneous and adventurous than you have been.


Understanding Gemini men

But not everything is rosy with Gemini men. Perhaps, as long as they are just friends with a Gemini man, things are fun and perfect. But as soon as feelings of love and affection begin to develop, trouble eventually arises in paradise.

Understanding the complexities of a Gemini man is crucial if you are the woman who has fallen in love with this charming man and wish to make him yours.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents energy and vitality. This is where they get all their spontaneity and enthusiasm from. Like Aries and Sagittarius men, Gemini men are explorers of life and, although these other zodiac signs might be very much inclined to explore in the literal sense of the word, like travelling, for a Gemini, it goes far beyond that.

Gemini men are pursuers of knowledge and the new perspectives that come with it. They are committed to lifelong personal growth and development, and seeking new challenges to overcome. That is why you will find many Gemini men so successful with their careers in the spotlight. They strive for success and fame.

Even for the so called average Gemini man, who has not been blessed enough to be a celebrity or a super rich industrialist, he prefers to spend his time reading books, watching movies of new genres, etc. things that stimulate his senses and gives him the satisfaction of expanding his horizons.

A woman seeking to make a Gemini man fall in love with her and stay with her should not interfere with his quest for knowledge and adventure.


For the most part, Gemini men are cold people.

Geminians are usually laid back and can let things go easily, whether it is a breakup or heartbreak or any other animosity that comes their way. This is because Geminis always have too much at stake in their lives to sit around and waste time wallowing over a little misfortune. Yes, a breakup could be a "small" thing in the larger scheme of their life for a motivated Gemini man.
However, if Gemini men have built up a reputation for jealousy in love, there could be some fire in that smoke. We'll come to this in a moment. But the general rule of thumb is that Gemini men tend to be really cool people who know how to quickly put aside any negativity in their lives that might get in the way of their learning and achievement.

The other thing you should know about Geminis is that they are not big on chasing. If you find yourself at a party and see a group huddled around a man who is talking passionately about something, there's a good chance he's a Gemini man (unless he's a Leo or Aquarius).

Gemini men have the advantage of being charming men who can captivate attention in the blink of an eye. Therefore, most of the time, a Gemini man tends to be surrounded by many dedicated women. This is also partly because flirting is in the nature of Gemini men. Obviously, then, if a woman tries to play hardball for too long, it is she who may lose out in the love transaction. Instead of trying to chase her, a Gemini man will shake her off and move on, and probably never give it another thought.


So why do Gemini men get jealous?

You're probably already wondering why men who are so charming about themselves that they get so much attention from others feel the need to be jealous. Aren't others supposed to be jealous of them? Yes and no.
On the
inside, every Gemini has a completely different story. The greatest strength of most Geminis is their gift of gab. They are extremely good communicators. However, they are not always the best at pouring out what is in their hearts too well. It's not that they can't, but that they choose not to. They carefully select what they show of themselves to the outside world and this often poses a problem in their relationships, possibly even a break-up.

Gemini men are also often questioned about their ability to remain faithful to their partners. And while there is some truth to this statement, to declare that all Gemini men are unfaithful is overstating things.

However, the truth is that Gemini men are slow to commit. The reason for this is this: Gemini is a mutable air sign. This imparts them with an almost desperate need for freedom and space. For most women, it is difficult to meet their needs.

Sometimes, these Gemini men will make a mistake and enter a relationship they are not ready for, and then feel suffocated and want to rebel, often leading to infidelity. These complexities, along with others, create a confusing maze of emotions in Gemini men, which when left unclassified, produce jealousy and other related negativities. We will continue to discuss this later.


Blame it on the duality of the Gemini personality.

Geminis are the true manifestation of split personality syndrome. No, I don't mean that Geminis are all crazy neurotics. Personality duality in a Gemini is a very normal everyday character attribute. It has its advantages, of course.

This personality trait contributes greatly to their charisma. Most Geminis can literally say, "I can do both", like Aquarius, this makes it difficult to categorise them as a certain type which in turn creates a very intriguing personality mix. However, in reverse, this leads to contradictory behaviour which often creates all the problems in their love life.

A Gemini man may be in one mood one moment and may act completely opposite the next. This contradiction extends far beyond surface level mood problems to deeper core values and principles as well.

At worst, a Gemini man can be considered hypocritical in the way he can change his belief system with a change in situations. For example, a Gemini man is extremely protective of his need for freedom and space, so a clingy and needy woman is the type of woman he likes to keep away.

However, the duality of his personality is that he often acts exactly like this. Being social, Gemini men crave attention and validation from others. This includes their partner as well. If you ignore doing that for your Gemini man for too long, he becomes anxious. This leads him to question your affection and loyalty to him, which in turn leads to jealousy.

Another personality flaw in Gemini men, as mentioned above, is their inability to be completely honest and transparent with their feelings and emotions. For Gemini, eternal social adulation comes at the price of sometimes being liars with themselves. They are often guilty of creating an image for the outside world that is attractive and adequate to please others. This often creates a void within them. The stress of always maintaining a polished image becomes difficult to handle at times, and they face insecurities when it comes to revealing their real identity.

Many women, who have had Gemini as their boyfriends or husbands, have cited fakery as a reason for their break-up. At this point I suggest you also read:
The fidelity of the Gemini man.


Meaning that your Gemini man is jealous.

Gemini men are a proud bunch. This is what keeps them from trying to chase women, and this is what keeps them from telling you when they miss you. It is that very insecurity of having to bare it all that makes them hesitate.

This is strange because Gemini men are extremely expressive about things. They are constantly cracking jokes, flirting smoothly and scaring others with their opinions and views. And they are just as shy as Taurus.

When they are in love, as long as it is an empowering kind of love, they can look you in the eye and tell you so (if in doubt, I suggest you read:
Methods to tell if a Gemini man is in love). In fact, it's not uncommon for Gemini men to write pages of poetry (no matter how bad) confessing their love for you. But the moment a sign of weakness presents itself, they go into defensive mode. They would rather part than become a lesser human being in the eyes of their partner.

Weakness in itself should not be considered a sign of failure; and in trying to hide it, Gemini men end up faking it in their relationships. So how do you find out when your Gemini man gets jealous, when he's not ready to tell you?

Look for these signs:

1. He will constantly check up on you: this is not in his normal nature. But if the man who usually gives you all the freedom suddenly controls you, he is jealous of something.

2. He will often be in a bad mood: if the normally cheerful Gemini man frequently snaps and mutters grudgingly, it is a sign that he is jealous.

3. Start setting boundaries: A Gemini man understands the value of a social life. So, if he tells you that you can't be friends with someone or sets a curfew, he is definitely jealous.

4. He starts setting boundaries for himself: Jealousy and fear of losing you can make a Gemini man change his own habits too. If he voluntarily cuts his own partying hours, he could be trying to safeguard things.


What to do when your Gemini man gets jealous?

The question now is how to handle your Gemini man when he acts jealous. How do you reassure a man sure of your fidelity to him?

Go back to the part where we discussed the Gemini split personality. Now we know that a Gemini man does not act jealous because he has a conservative attitude about socialising. In fact, unless the man is totally chauvinistic, he will encourage you to have your own social life that doesn't include him! That's how a Gemini man works too!

He has many diverse interests in which he participates, of which the woman in his life
may or may not be a part. So, unless he has an unfair amount of double standards, he will most likely help you build a world independent of him as well.
when a Gemini man feels insecure due to the many complications of his personality, as stated above, he will begin to feel possessive of you.

The Gemini needs constant motivation and encouragement to thrive. And this need is made worse when he feels weak for some reason.

This is when he misses you the most and needs you to be close to him, ensuring your constant devotion to him. A confident Gemini man will have no problem with hanging out with friends or being jealous as he understands the value of friendship regardless of his gender. However, as with all things Gemini, there is another side to the coin. Namely, on his bad days when he doesn't feel secure enough, he will give up this very principle and become jealous when he finds out that you prioritise other men over him.

Deal with this situation with tact and grace. You shouldn't have to let go of your friends just to please him, but try to understand where his insecurity is coming from. And show empathy. Gently tell him that he is the most important person in your life, but that you have other commitments as well.


How to use their jealousy to your advantage

Yes, jealousy can also be useful to you at times. You can conveniently take advantage of this character trait in him to further your own cause, but be careful not to overdo it.

Do you often find your Gemini man distant, and do you ever feel exasperated by his reluctance to spend more time with you, opting instead to hang out with friends alone?

These are all part of a Gemini man's freedom-loving behaviour, but they can be very frustrating at times because a woman has her needs too. Wanting quality time with your partner is not a crime you should apologise for.

That's why this exercise is fun! It is possible to direct your Gemini man's attention to you by pulling the strings of his jealousy. Next time he's too self-absorbed, give him a taste of his own medicine! Don't make a fuss about him going out without you again. Instead, act cool. And the next night, dress provocatively and go out for a fun night.

Tell him you'll be late, but don't call or text him the whole time you're out. If he calls, tell him it's too noisy for you to talk. Once you're home, tell him how much fun you had.

Done a few times, your Gemini man will start to feel remorse and miss the chance to stay with you. He will remember and miss all the times your attention was focused on him and will long for it. However, resist the urge to act too hard to get him to pursue you, especially if he has only been dating for a short time, because he could lose interest soon.


The zodiac signs that can make Gemini men jealous.

According to zodiac personality compatibility, some women can drive Gemini men crazy with jealousy.

Here they are:

1. Aries: the Aries woman is a natural leader. Although she is extremely passionate about love and is totally devoted and faithful to her Gemini man, she comes with a fiercely independent attitude that is also enterprising. She is a careerist who uses her work to achieve levels of success, so sometimes she may not be able to devote as much time to her Gemini man as she would like. This could be a cause of jealousy on the part of her man.

2. Leo: The Leo woman is social just like her Gemini man. She enjoys the adulation of men and sees it as a fun part of life. On their worst days, the Gemini man's ego could be threatened by this. If unresolved, this jealousy can lead to a break-up.

3. Sagittarius: Geminis share a lot of passion with Sagittarius because of their common interest in exploring and seeking knowledge. However, Sagittarius tends to beat Gemini in the area of complexity and the need for alone time. This often frustrates Gemini and makes them jealous that they can't be a part of those moments.

4. Aquarius: The funny thing is that most of the zodiac signs that make Gemini jealous are the ones they are most compatible with. Aquarius, for example, makes a great combination with Gemini, but their aloofness and fleeting attitude, the very traits that Gemini has, are what make Gemini men jealous.


How each zodiac sign should handle Gemini men

Some zodiac signs are similar to Gemini in the way they think, while others are not. But regardless, you may have your heart set on a Gemini man. We get it. Here's a quick insight on how to handle it for each of you:

Aries: Be your natural independent self; he appreciates that. But be sensitive to your Gemini man's swinging moods and treat him accordingly.

Taurus: You must understand the need for his adventure. He won't always stay at home and will make him stick to you and be faithful too, adapt to this need, but don't chase him either.

Gemini: you are the twin of the twin! Who better than you to understand the Gemini man? But, his challenge is to curb these negative traits in both you and him, and retain the positive.

Cancer: your sensitive and affectionate side is a great protection for the Gemini's frivolous attitude. But you need to control some of your emotional excesses or they will suffocate the Gemini and eventually cause a break-up.

Leo: You should both have fun together in life and that's great. But the Gemini man also has a reflective side; he can't indulge in frivolous fun and will soon miss out on intellectually charged discussion sessions.

Virgo: Your conversations go on for days! You are logical, rational people and get along very well. But your Gemini man tends to take things a little easier than you do, so maybe you'll lighten up a bit.

Libra: Long story short, you're probably what your Gemini man needs most for his happiness, even if he doesn't know it yet. But don't try to pin him down or cut off his flight, or you'll miss being single again!

Scorpio: You have the air of mystery that Gemini men find intriguing and will make them chase after you. But you'll have to stop wanting to control them.

Sagittarius: Your passion and chemistry together are incomparable and you have a lot in common. But you must stop being too stubborn.

Capricorn: At the right time and in the right mood, you bring structure and stability to your Gemini man's chaotic life. But too much of that is a problem. You must learn to be spontaneous too.

Aquarius: Being with you is like being with your Gemini man's best friend, which is always a good thing. But you have to turn on the passion a little. Just don't get too vague and philosophical.

Pisces: Your sense of deep, unconditional love is refreshing for the Gemini man and he will appreciate it until you act needy for it. To avoid a separation and to ensure his fidelity, give him space.


In conclusion, jealousy is a human trait.

The Gemini man's reputation as notoriously jealous (like his reputation as a cheater) is unfair, as jealousy is only a human trait that every person nurtures to one degree or another. Don't single out Gemini men as the sole perpetrators. Instead, recognise that each person has some flaws, but if you are smart enough, it is possible not only to work your way around that flaw, but also to use it to add some variety and spice to your life.


Your Gemini man is human after all.

Gemini men will do everything in their power to make you believe that they have everything under control and that they are superheroes. But that is far from the truth.

They are also sensitive and needy at times and they miss you as much as you miss them. They may not always chase you down the street to make it up to you after a fight, but they also feel guilty and definitely want you to chase them and hold their hand with love.

Gemini men want to explore the world, but for the right woman, they can also be a very faithful partner. And sometimes, they want you too much to be totally sure, hence the jealousy.

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