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Love compatibility between Aries woman and Cancer man

The horoscope gives the Aries-Cancer bond a certain compatibility, especially for an adventurous and very sexual relationship... but which may become complicated in the long... , 2023-03-04

  1. The relationship of fire with water
  2. Secrets of the Cancer man
  3. Understanding the need for mutual space
  4. Problems between Aries and Cancer
  5. Arian-Cancer sexual compatibility
  6. Very important: trust

The horoscope gives the Aries-Cancer bond a certain compatibility, especially for an adventurous and very sexual relationship... but which may become complicated in the long run.

Both have very different ways of seeing and thinking about the world; this makes the relationship unlikely to last over time.

At first the bond seems perfect and the attraction is mutual, but over time the major differences will come to the surface.

The Aries woman may feel rejected sexually by the Cancer man many times, something that is due to the Cancerian's mood swings and not so much because he is not interested in her. The Cancerian man tends to worry or become moody often, and the woman should detect when he is in a moment like this and act intelligently: do not pressure him, do not rush him... the years of relationship can give you a good eye to know how to get him out of that state.

The Aries woman tends to be dominant, she likes to take the helm of the ship, something that the Cancer man, who also wants to dominate and be the boss, dislikes very much. This is also something that makes the relationship
 very difficult... someone will have to give in.

The Cancer man is sensitive, but he will never show that he is in pain, nor will he say what he really thinks.

The relationship of fire with water

Cancer is a water sign, while Aries is a fire sign. The combination of watery Cancer and flaming Aries can result in either tranquillity or burnout, or sometimes both.

While an Aries woman is very spontaneous with her opinions and reactions, a Cancer man takes time to express his feelings or leap forward in a relationship. This shyness of a Cancer man makes him mind his own business and keep to himself most of the time.

A Cancer man is a hardworking soul who would make a name, fame and money in the long run with his solid determination and perseverance. While in love, a Cancer man loves to be possessed and loved passionately by his Aries woman. He is a man who would stick to you despite being rude and would remain almost loyal throughout his life. This quality of a Cancer man is most loved and appreciated by his Aries woman.

An Aries woman is also very reckless and careless in nature and this attitude of hers can sometimes hurt the sensitive Cancer man.

An Aries woman is a stubborn woman who would first of all face all the obstacles in her life and would do her best to uncover the obstacles in her life.

She is an impulsive woman who may seem thoughtless to some, but in reality, an Aries woman can never hurt anyone. If her Cancer man can see through her recklessness, he will find an innocent woman whom he will love forever.

An Aries woman is also very moody and this could cause some depression in her Cancer man.

An Aries woman proves to be a great woman of substance for her Cancer husband. She makes him feel strong, masculine and also manages to get rid of his hidden fears and dive into risky areas with his backing.

An Aries woman possesses an optimistic approach to winning and this gives her man a lot of confidence. She makes him feel protective and he, in turn, becomes more attached to his Aries woman.

Secrets of the Cancer man

The only major flaw in their relationship is the secretive nature of the Cancer man. He prefers to keep a lot of secrets between the two of them and this nature of his can make his Aries woman explode with anger and accusations.

Initially, his Aries woman might seem self-centred and outrageous to him, but slowly over the years, he would realise that she does not intend to harm anyone and it is her nature that makes her behave in a particular way.

The gentlemanly Cancer man can shower his Aries woman with much affection and love, and she will be delighted. He makes her feel desirable. They both manage to produce the best for each other.

She makes him laugh and he brings out his real inner self to the outside world. With a Cancer man by her side, an Aries woman can let her hair down and feel at peace with herself.

She doesn't need to pretend or be on guard. A Cancer man will always adore his Aries woman throughout his life, but he does have his mood swings.

Understanding the need for mutual space

The Aries woman should understand his need for space and leave him alone whenever he is going through one of his moods. The same applies to the Aries woman as well. The Cancer man should leave her alone whenever he finds her distant or agitated as all she needs is space sometimes.

In a relationship, the two combine very well and can create miracles, which is quite unusual as it is the combination of fire and water.

A Cancer man is able to protect his Aries woman under his cosy blanket of care and protection. He makes her feel feminine and almost nurtures her like a father nurtures a child.

An Aries woman can also make her Cancer man feel loved and devoted and accompany him like a pillar by his side. With an Aries woman by his side, a Cancer man is always optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate about life.

Theirs seems like a Mills & Boons romance in which the Aries woman keeps chasing her dreams and finally finds fulfilment with her Prince Charming, the Cancer man.

Problems between Aries and Cancer

The Cancer man is in love with the strong personality, feminine qualities, confidence and openness of the Aries woman.

The Cancer man is also very intuitive. He can see many insecurities within the strong outer
shield that an Aries woman wears. If he is in love with her, he wants to protect her, make her feel safe, pamper her and shower her with attention and care. He feels that if he makes her feel safe, she will let go of her need to win and be tamed under his soft, affectionate blanket of love. He wants to tame her for her own sake and not for any selfish interest.

An Aries woman, on the other hand, will be impressed by his romantic side, but will initially find it difficult to tame the water sign. She is a fire sign after all and will feel smothered with too much attention. She is happy in her own skin.

Only later, after love develops between the two of them, will she understand the need to protect her and will eagerly agree. If they fall in love with each other, it is sure to be genuine and lasting.

He loves her for her positive attitude and the Aries woman is blessed to be with a supportive partner.

He will never stop her from following her dreams or tie her down to home responsibilities. He supports her, courts her and romances her as her Prince Charming.

Arian-Cancer sexual compatibility

It would not be wrong to compare their love with fire and ice. It is not a big problem to decipher this.

They are sexually very compatible in bed and their love produces lasting pleasures for both of them, without any problems. A Cancer man makes his woman feel emotionally secure and desired while in bed.

An Aries woman is like a burning fire that needs imagination and innovation to satiate her sexually.

A Cancer man is intelligent and imaginative in bed and this excites the Aries woman.

An Aries woman looks completely innocent and vulnerable while having sex and this arouses the deepest emotions in a Cancer man.

She is innocent but fierce and passionate at the same time in bed. Fierceness and passion arise from love and not from lust and the Cancer man craves her passion, even more, every time.

The only flaw in their sexual compatibility arises from the Cancer man's mood swings. When he is not in the mood, he can be distant from his advances and this can irritate the Aries woman to such an extent that she even forgets their once strong compatibility in bed.

In a relationship, the Aries woman and the Cancer man enjoy loving each other and being loved by each other. The Aries woman may demand love, while for a Cancer man it is more emotional and sentimental.

Sexually, too, their compatibility is very strong. An Aries woman can sometimes be dominant in bed, but eventually learns sensitivity and emotional depth from her Cancer man.

Very important: trust

Their relationship is based on solid mutual trust. Although the Aries woman can be a little flirtatious at times, the Cancer man knows that she doesn't mean anything serious.

He feels quite secure with her. He provides warmth, kindness and a safe haven for her and she is very loyal to him.
offers her unmatched warmth and kindness to go home to every night, and they both know that she will stay faithful.

Although an Aries woman has a fierce love for her family, she does not possess the nurturing attitude of a Cancer man. As a family, they may have to engage in a lot of problems on a daily basis.

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