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Gemini's relationship with their grandparents

Geminis share a very good bond with their grandparents, but do not express it very often.... , 2022-07-23

Geminis share a very good bond with their grandparents, but do not express it very often. They always look up to their grandparents for important lessons in life. Because they have a special place for their grandparents in their heart, Geminis often expect a lot from them.


Over time, Geminis learn to perceive the lack of affection and interpret it as a lack of proper care for them, and begin to rely more on their grandparents. Geminis lose a close emotional bond with their father early in life and become individualistic, but they strive to understand this complex relationship through their relationship with their grandfather. Geminis hope to resolve family conflicts and misbehaviour with the help of their grandparents over the years.


A Gemini child brought up with their grandparents will begin to object to their grandmother in various matters at an early age and will come into conflict with her. And if this happens, it will be a great success because they will become more prudent and self-reliant.


Grandparents have not yet let go of their youthful outlook, which is filled with the excitement of new discoveries, so they greet each day with a joyful and optimistic attitude, which they instil in their Gemini grandchild. This is analogous to the way a happy toddler reaches out his hands to find a new treasure, looking forward to the pleasure of possessing it. Gemini grandparents should make a special effort to communicate their feelings to their grandchildren.

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